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The quality of a commercial is only as good as the consumer’s understanding of it 

The Situation 

In the current creative services landscape, costs have become inflated and other agencies do not hold themselves accountable for the performance or cost of their campaigns. When something falls flat, not all business partners are ready to dive in to make sure goals are exceeded.

The Challenge 

Diabetes is as complex as it is dangerous. The relationship between the patient and the healthcare technology they use to support the disease is critically important and intensely personal. Changes made to their management ecosystem are never made lightly. 

Feld Insight 

Benefit driven communications in the space must be underpinned by reasons to believe, and when it comes to messaging, relatability and comprehension trump all. If a person with diabetes can connect with and understand the communication, they may make a change. 

Our Proven Approach

  • Architect communications around our proven selling logic framework that creates action

  • Deploy subject matter experts who actually have diabetes and understand the nuances of the disease to ensure messaging is presented in a concise and clear way. 

  • Iterate rapidly on creative solutions and expedite production to make immediate impact. 

  • Test, learn and adapt to generate optimal campaign assets based on research and in market testing.


The campaign was revised in a matter of weeks, for minimal cost and in market performance showed double digit improvement. During the campaign flight, U.S. sales of FreeStyle Libre 3 increased more than 40%. 

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