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More than an agency,
Feld is a Creative Marketing Partner

We are a collective of creative and curious professionals, constantly generating ideas to increase sales and maximize return on advertising investment for our partners. We design and produce campaigns in a variety of media, including broadcast, cable, streaming and video, direct mail, digital advertising, print, and out of home.

Our in-house production unit, Graphite Productions, has produced over 3,500 commercials and hundreds of online videos that are seen by millions of viewers each day.

Our strategy team incorporates brand strategy, product strategy, and comms planning, leveraging a comprehensive suite of media tools and data sources. 

The media team is omnichannel in nature and manages every leverage point of the media process to ensure campaigns are planned, delivered, and measured, flawlessly.

The creative group has been built to bring brand-specific expertise to every one of our partners with campaigns spanning TV, OLV, Print, DM, OOH, digital, social to name a few.

Get in touch today to learn more about what we can do for you. 


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