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Acquiring profitable customers today while building brand preference over time

The Situation 

NewDay USA is a family-owned VA lender that exists in a highly crowded and somewhat commoditized marketplace. With competitors with bigger budgets, it is a significant undertaking to generate a consistent flow of new leads.

The Challenge 

A mortgage is a considered purchase with a decision making process that requires many months of evaluation before action is taken to start an application. In this category and in this media environment it is critical to flatten the funnel by creating campaigns that deliver valuable consumers immediately while simultaneously building brand awareness and preference over time. 

Feld Insight 

Military veterans and active duty service people hold dear the values of integrity and authenticity. When making a financial decision for something as large as a mortgage, Veterans want their lender to share those same values, and have a trusted partner who understands their specific needs.
NewDay USA is led by veterans from all branches of the military, and they are uniquely able to prove out the organization’s purpose to do right by its veterans - honoring their proud service by empowering them financially. 

Our Proven Approach

  • Create a personal connection with the consumer through engaging the respected authority figure of US Navy Rear Admiral (Ret) Tom Lynch who is the Executive Chairman of NewDay USA.

  • Use a spokesperson to give viewers a clear, understandable, relatable call to action. 

  • Architect high volume TV productions that output significant quantities of spots that allow a test and learn strategy. 

  • Interrogate the media landscape to determine the most efficient channels and networks to reach veterans and focus media spend to dominate those spaces. 

  • Build a high frequency, sustained media plan to stay front of mind for consumers when they make their purchase decision.

  • Create a messaging mix that blends emotional and rational executions in market simultaneously.  



New Day sales quickly shot up and stayed up with veterans speaking to their admiration and respect of Admiral Lynch. Media was adjusted and monitored daily to create the optimal flow of leads to the call centers.

Efficiency and high return on marketing spend is the constant benchmark for our success. 

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