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Successful campaigns are built on deep understanding of the consumer

The Situation 

The popular online dating site purchased an over-50 dating site called Senior People Meet and needed to ensure the company connected with the right consumer, in the right way. 

The Challenge 

For an older consumer, the conventional behaviors of the dating category do not apply. The needs of this group are much more demanding than ‘just a date’. Their expectations and their barriers to trial are much higher. 

Feld Insight 

A more mature consumer is looking for meaningful companionship and a partner to share the best moments in life. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to these connections so an approach that articulates the desired end benefit of spending quality time with a special person is vital.

Our Proven Approach

  • Engage in deep, detailed qualitative research with the target audience to understand their motivations and expectations. The stories were consistent: Marriage led to kids, and after a divorce and kids that had flown the nest, it was 'our time’ to live life. ​

  • Examine the psychographics and demographics of the group to identify their life stage, attitudes and behaviors. 

  • Match the visual and messaging approach to these needs to create communications that resonate. Provide a credible, relatable creative solution that shows real people, with real stories to demonstrate the effectiveness of the app. 

  • Center the messaging on what really matters. It was more than simply a ‘meeting’ it was about spending time together. 

  • Create emotionally connecting :15s and :30s to tell the story of OurTime.



After rebranding to OurTime the launch got off to a flying start and six months after launch, membership had jumped from 200,000 to 4 million. OurTime was the fastest and most successful launch in IAC’s entire portfolio of companies.

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