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Identify the truth of the product you’re selling

The Situation 

With an IPO on the horizon, this well-funded, online children’s clothing start-up wanted to increase reach and accelerate growth by expanding their advertising campaign to TV.

The Challenge 

Up to this point in their journey the company had been reliant on a discount strategy which was turning their clothing products into a commodity and was limiting their ability to reach a broader group of consumers. In order to increase sales and increase the average basket size, a shift in focus was needed. 

Feld Insight 

In examining target consumer behavior, price was only one part of the decision making process. When it came to purchasing clothes for their children, mothers' pride was the more powerful motivator - moms want to give their children the best they can. While the rational logic of a 70% discount added fuel to their decision, the emotional appeal was key to capturing the segment’s hearts when our Zulily spots aired.

Our Proven Approach

  • Identify the target market’s most powerful buying motivation (a mother’s pride).

  • Marry that to Zulily’s proven tactical advantages (i.e., limited inventory, deep discounts, short purchase window) – in a way that spoke to the emotional component.

  • Create multiple executions for broadcast and measure performance live in market.



Zulily’s sales more than doubled in the first year the new campaign aired. The company went public at the end of that year, and on the day of the IPO our Itsy Bitsy spot played on a Jumbotron in Times Square. The brand continues to flourish as a result of this creative strategy. 

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